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An experienced full-service real estate team has in-depth knowledge of the market. The Brandee Kelley Group knows the local market, and we know how to identify potential problems and avert a failed transaction.

Our primary objective is to ensure that our clients receive the very best real estate experience.

We will:

  1. Educate you about your market
  2. Analyze your wants and needs
  3. Guide you to homes that fit your criteria
  4. Coordinate the work of other needed professionals
  5. Negotiate contracts and details on your behalf
  6. Check and double-check paperwork and deadlines
  7. Pro-actively solve problems that may arise when the transaction moves toward closing

Why Let the Brandee Kelley Group Help You Find Your Dream Home?

Qualifications are important. Our entire staff is highly trained, with over 60 years of combined real estate experience. Each team member is committed to serving our clients with professionalism and integrity.

You may want to consider asking your agent the following questions. The answers will reassure you that the Brandee Kelley Group will ease your path through the escrow phase and into a successful closing.

The Brandee Kelley Group is comprised of full time licensed REALTORS who have lived in Tarrant County for decades. We have been serving clients with the highest integrity through experienced teamwork since 2005. We provide our clients a wealth of expertise and experience in the Tarrant County market and surrounding areas, all with a personal touch.

Relationships are the heart of our business. Over 95% of our business comes from personal referrals from previous clients. We go above and beyond to make sure our Buyers get the service they deserve.

The Brandee Kelley Group is certified as a Luxury Home Marketing Specialist. We are also affiliated with Keller Williams Realty International, which allows us to connect clients with top agents all over the world.

In short, the Brandee Kelley Group is uniquely qualified by experience, specialized training, a vast network of clients and contractors and the power of a professional team.

Every transaction is different. Our experiences have allowed us to work through several “bumps in the transaction road” for our clients. When challenges or surprises arise, we have the network and experience to handle these and keep the transaction rolling smoothly to a timely, successful close!

Our vast network of clients helps us to find buyers and sellers for homes. And our network of contractors gives our clients comfort when things break at their homes. We are committed to providing more than just help with real estate transactions—we are committed to the highest level of service for all our clients!

The first step in searching for a home is our Buyer Consultation. We consult with Buyers and ask lots of questions regarding your desired location; the type of home you need including style, size, number of rooms, and outdoor spaces; and price. We also want to understand who will live in the home and what their lifestyle may be.

Our next step is to help Buyers secure a pre-approval from a reputable lender. Once we have established the Buyer’s wants and needs and that they are ready financially, we can start searching for homes that meet their specific criteria.

We have several avenues to find appropriate homes for Buyers. The MLS search is one of the most effective tools in finding homes. It will be tailored to your specific criteria and homes that meet that criteria will be sent directly to Buyers for them to review. Beyond this search, we utilize our brokerage resources and relationships with other agents to search for homes that are off market. If we or our Buyer sees a For Sale By Owner property, we can also work with that seller to make the property available to our Buyer. If our Buyer is interested in new construction, our agents are also very familiar with new neighborhoods and builders in our market. Navigating through a new build can be overwhelming and we are here to make that process as smooth as possible.

The Brandee Kelley Group is here to make your home buying experience both positive and successful!

Here are some of the most common things that can go wrong in a transaction and what we do to mitigate them.

  • Outside influences: Many times friends and family want to help and offer advice based on their own experiences. While it is wonderful to have people excited for you, without knowledge of the current market this can be confusing or overwhelming. We walk Buyers through one step at a time, offering current, expert knowledge on what we are seeing in the real estate market, and then follow their wishes once they’ve been provided the information.
  • The lender: Sometimes a lender doesn’t do their job or fails to communicate. We stay in constant contact with all parties through the contract process, and if we are not able to get responses, we make the Buyers aware. They have the option to motivate the lender themselves, or we can offer several lender contacts with whom we have experience.
  • Buyer delays: There are a lot of documents required for a home loan. If the Buyer doesn’t provide information to the lender in a timely fashion, it disrupts the process. We not only check in with the Buyer and provide any information we have, but also with the lender so we can assist and help remind Buyer of requirements to keep the process moving.
  • Negotiations: Contracts can bog down when parties can’t agree. We specialize in setting realistic expectations based on the current market and use our experience in real estate to work for our Buyer, working with the other agent and Seller to come to an outcome that’s a win for everyone.
  • Appraisals: When placing offers, our agents provide the best advice as to the value of the home and realistic expectations. Should an appraisal come in lower than planned, we work with the lender and listing agent to come to an acceptable price for all parties, to ensure we keep moving forward.
  • Deadlines: If deadlines are missed, closing gets delayed. We check in frequently with all parties to ensure the key dates and events are handled to keep us moving to closing without delays.
  • Searching for a home without first having a pre-approval from a lender. The real estate market moves so quickly that your dream home may be sold before you can get pre approved. We want this to be a positive experience and never want our Buyers to be disappointed.
  • Not using a reputable lender who has a good track record for getting transactions closed on time. Let the Brandee Kelley Group help you find a lender that has a history of good communication and responsiveness. These are the keys to a smooth, successful real estate transaction.
  • Concentrating on the bells and whistles in a home instead of the quality and future potential. It’s easy for a Buyer to get caught up with all of the flashy details in a home. It is more prudent to look behind the flash and see the bones and potential. Also, buying a well-maintained home will pay you dividends in the future.
  • Making emotional decisions. Buying a home may be the biggest purchase in your life. Make sure you are making good sound financial decisions as well as decisions that make sense for you and your family.
  • Not being decisive. Some Buyers drag their feet for too long in making a decision on a home and it sells before they decide they want to buy it.
  • Making low-ball offers and undesirable terms. In this market, most homes are selling with multiple offers. When you are in a bidding war for a home, most likely you will have to pay at least list price if not over list price and offer terms that are more favorable to the seller. The Brandee Kelley Group is very successful in helping our Buyers win in bidding situations.
  • Trying to find and buy a home without a Realtor. You need someone who is on your side and who is your fiduciary. Having an agent who is looking specifically for a home for you is essential as homes sell so quickly and it is hard for a Buyer to find homes before they sell. Our Buyer’s Agents are very familiar with the market and homes that are available. Let us do the work and help you find your Dream Home today!

Absolutely! Please take a look at what others have to say on our Client Stories page.

The Brandee Kelley Group has a full-time, professional, experienced, and licensed Listing Coordinator and Closing Coordinator available during business hours to communicate and guide clients through the entire process. We are dedicated to providing all our clients the direct, personal service that they deserve.

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